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Deb Rosa
Associate Broker

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I have been in the Real Estate business for 21 years.   I am an Associate Broker and am licensed in Maine but specialize in Southern Maine which include York and Cumberland Counties.  Living in Maine for 47 years, I am very familiar with both counties.  I am an explorer of sorts, and there is no area that I would not go to to help my clients. I once sold a house  in Mexico (Mexico, Maine that is!) to folks from North Carolina.

Before I was in Real Estate, I was a full time educator for 25 years.  I have a BS in Education and an MEd in Technology Integration.  After being in the classroom for 25 years, I was a part time technology consultant/integrator for my school district for 17 years.. I was also a Science Department Head, Yearbook Advisor, and worked on many committees. These previous jobs have enabled me to communicate effectively with clients, other Realtors, loan officers, and every day real estate challenges that may pop up. 

I love the area, the people who live here, and aspire to help those who wish to be a homeowner or business owner in Maine.  If you are Selling or Buying,  I can help you with the Knowledge and Compassion you need!

I  list high end homes, mobile homes, land, multi -units and all types of residential and commercial property.  You may say, 'how can one be an expert in all of these pieces of real estate?' I say, one must strive to be an expert in helping all types of people with their real estate needs, big or small.  It's people one should specialize in, and real estate expertise comes with experience, team work, and the many courses we all need to take and re-certify ourselves with.  No-one knows everything about every aspect of real estate, but one must be able to have the ability to find out anything a situation calls for.  A good Realtor will find out whatever the client needs her to find out, and is persistent in getting information.

I have an Associate Brokers license, have completed a GRI module, am currently working on an e-Pro certification, am certified in Technology in Maine, and have close to 400 hours of course work.  I strive to keep current and am first and foremost, one of the most persistent real estate client advocates you will ever find!

Check out my website to see a variety of listings and sales I have had.

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